Michigan Wolverines Football Jersey Reveals Commemorative Design for 2022 Season

The University of Michigan Wolverines football team has revealed a special commemorative jersey design for the upcoming 2022 season. The new design pays tribute to the rich history and tradition of the Wolverines football program, while also incorporating modern design elements and technology.

The commemorative Michigan Wolverines Football Jersey, designed in collaboration with Nike, feature a unique blend of the classic maize and blue color scheme with subtle nods to the past. The most notable design element is the addition of a vintage-inspired block “M” logo on the chest, which harkens back to the early days of the Wolverines football program.

The jerseys also incorporate a modern, sleek design with updated materials and construction. The iconic maize and blue color scheme remains, but with a slightly lighter shade of blue to provide a more vibrant contrast with the maize elements.

The numbers on the jerseys have been updated with a custom font that is both modern and reminiscent of the classic block-style numbers used in the past. The numbers are now outlined in maize, providing a strong contrast against the blue background.

The helmets will feature the iconic winged design that has been a staple of the Wolverines football program since 1938, but with a subtle update: a small, vintage-inspired block “M” logo will be placed on the back of the helmet, further emphasizing the connection to the team’s storied past.

Head coach Jim Harbaugh expressed his enthusiasm for the new design, stating, “We are excited to honor the rich history of Michigan football with these commemorative jerseys. Our players are proud to wear them and represent the tradition and excellence of our program.”

Fans can purchase the new Michigan Wolverines football commemorative jerseys at the official University of Michigan Athletics online store, as well as at select retailers. The new design is sure to be a hit among fans, who are eager to show their support for the team as they embark on the 2022 season.