Auburn Tigers Football Team Unveils New Jersey Designs for the 2021 Season

The Auburn Tigers football team has recently revealed their latest jersey designs for the upcoming 2021 season. These new designs incorporate a modern twist while staying true to the team’s rich history and traditions.

The home Auburn Tigers Football Jersey, in the iconic navy blue color, showcases the team’s signature white stripes on the sleeves. The jersey prominently features the team’s emblem, an eagle soaring above the initials “AU,” representing strength and determination. This classic design pays homage to the team’s legacy and iconic status.

For away games, the Tigers will don a clean and crisp white jersey with thin navy blue stripes on the shoulders. The team’s logo is moved to the shoulders for these jerseys, creating a unique visual element that differentiates them from the home jerseys.

In both designs, the player’s number is prominently displayed on the front and back for easy identification by fans and referees alike. The jerseys are also crafted with state-of-the-art fabric technology, offering optimal comfort, breathability, and moisture-wicking capabilities to enhance player performance.

Head coach Bryan Harsin expressed his enthusiasm for the new jerseys, emphasizing the importance of tradition and unity within the Auburn Tigers football program. Harsin believes that these designs strike the perfect balance between honoring past successes and embracing a modern aesthetic that resonates with current and future players.

Fans have eagerly embraced the new jersey designs, praising the attention to detail and the respect given to Auburn’s football legacy. These jerseys are already in high demand, with fans eager to showcase their support for the beloved Tigers.

As the 2021 football season approaches, the Auburn Tigers prepare to don their new jerseys and continue their pursuit of success on the field. With this blend of tradition and innovation embodied in their designs, the team hopes to create new memorable moments while adding to their storied history.